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Employment Law

Every aspect of employment law covered


Employment law solicitors from Freeman Johnson understand that professional difficulties and disputes can arise which do not comply with current employment law, that can cause serious personal, financial and emotional problems. Fortunately, years of experience in this legal field have prepared our employment law solicitors to find resolutions for an array of conflicts.

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High-profile court disputes can fool some people into believing these cases frequently go to court and draw media attention. Well, the more common truth is that most cases will be resolved through negotiation or mediation.

If necessary, Freeman Johnson can provide you with an employment solicitor skilled in employment law and procedure. Before going that far, Freeman Johnson’s legal advice is to try and exhaust your employer’s internal procedures before considering a tribunal.

Employment law advice

At Freeman Johnson, your employment solicitors will make you aware of any possible exceptions in your contract. Please be aware that your employment rights are typically subject to strict time limits.

Therefore, it is essential that you come to us quickly to discuss the matter in full. For reference, your employment claim should be issued within three months of your termination date or incident date.

In terms of scope, you can depend on us for all aspects of employment advice, including unfair dismissal, redundancy and all aspects of discrimination. Freeman Johnson is flexible on how cases are funded, often acting on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. You can check with us for eligibility or to set a payment schedule.


Employment work is charged usually on an hourly basis but if you are entering into a settlement agreement we will normally ensure that your employer pays for this.

Proceedings in the Tribunal are paid for on an hourly basis and the hourly rate is dictated by the experience and seniority of the fee earner. Any disbursements such as Counsel’s fees or Court fees will be explained to you prior to you committing to them and you will pay them prior to any Court hearing. The actual fee earner’s costs are worked out on an hourly basis and you can be notified of those at any point during the proceedings. You will be sent bills on a regular basis to ensure that costs do not accumulate over a long period of time.

Some types of employment law work can be done on a “no win no fee” basis that is generally limited to claims for unfair dismissal. The employment law department will give you further information as to whether you are likely to qualify for a “no win no fee “arrangement. Even if you are successful in the employment tribunal you do not get your costs paid by the other side. The usual arrangement is 25% of whatever you recover.

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