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Resolution Accredited Specialists

Resolution Accredited Specialists

What is Resolution?

Resolution is an organisation of family solicitors who support constructive, non-confrontational approaches for family law cases. Issues arising within the family can be a tender enough subject without facing a battle to come to a conclusion, and often you can reach a resolution faster with a less confrontational approach, as emotions aren’t as heightened or irrational.

Resolution also work towards improvements to the family justice system, to ensure that should you need a solicitor’s help with family issues, you receive the most fair result possible.

Family lawyers and mediators are trained and accredited to make certain that the result you receive is the best possible and most fair outcome. Each solicitor works in adherence to the Resolution code of practice, meaning that solicitors on both sides will work together towards a solution, to encourage clients to focus on a resolution rather than an argument, to reach the most just solution.

Our whole team of family law solicitors are Resolution Accredited and are dedicated legal professionals who resolve family issues in a non confrontational manner. We also have solicitors available (Helen Lannagan and Natalie Nunn) with Children Law Accreditation from the Law Society, meaning that they have been independently assessed to represent both children and adults in an array of cases.


What are the benefits of working with Resolution Accredited Solicitors?

Because all Resolution Accredited Solicitors follow the code of practice set by Resolution, they will take all aspects into account and deal with the situation in a calm and non confrontational manner.

Having your solicitor working with the opposing solicitor towards a solution, rather than battling against each other, will reduce the impacts that has on your own stress levels – meaning you can focus on what is important, your kids, without letting any stress filter through onto them.

Resolution accredited solicitors also will consider every aspect of the case and the potentials that issues could arise further on in the process. For example, rather than merely coming to a solution, Resolution accredited solicitors are able to offer advice on parenting after parting, such as tips on co-parenting, how to help your child manage with life between two homes, and how best to support your children through the situation to make sure they are coping well or how to introduce new partners or introduce the idea of step-siblings.


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